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渡邉忠 展
tadashi watanabe
11:30〜19:00 (最終日は15:00)


May 1991 I quit the design course of Osaka Art College Technical school.
August 1992 I exhibited my picture at Gallery Aux in Aoyama.
April 1994 I entered the picture course of Nagano Art Technical school.
February 1995 I made a Performance 8mm film named “MAIN”.
October 1996 I produced “GENZON-HYOGEN” live performance in TOKYO and NAGANO.
January 1997 I performed at “NIPAF’97” in Nagano.
September 1997 I performed at “TRANA ART COMMUNICATION” in Slovakia and Hungary. “X COMMUNICATION” at Nakano-zero ( Japan ).
November 1997 I produced “ GENZON-HYOGEN’97” in Tokyo and Nagano.( Nagano was a outdoor live ).
January 1998 I performed at “WHITE HEAT 3” at Kanagawa protection concert Hall.
April 1998 I performed at “NIPAF’98” in Nagano and Nagoya and Tokyo.
November 1998 “TADASHI WATANABE EXHIBITION” at Ueda sozokan in Nagano. The theme ; The fusion between installation and performance.
December 1998 I performed at “Humandog” live performance in Tokyo.
September 1999 “WATANABE TADASHI EXHIBITION” at Gallery Fukashi in Nagano. The theme ; Seeking time & Space among the society.
February 2000 “WATANABE TADASHI EXHIBITION” at Gallery Fukashi in Nagano. The theme ; Seeking the meaning of being “Outside or Inside”.
June 2000 “WATANABE TADASHI EXHIBITION” at Gallery TOKI ART Space in Tokyo. The theme ; Releasing from being “ Outside and Inside”.
May 2001 My Exhibition at TOKI ART Space .( MY Series picture and Performance). “WATANABE TADASHI EXHIBITION” at Gallery KURA in Karuizawa NAGANO.
June 2001 I performed at “ON THE EDGES” International Festival in Lietuva.
August 2001 I performed “ INTERNATIONAL IMPACT ART FESTIVAL” at Kyoto city art museum.
October 2001 I produced “ Public Art Project” at Art village Park in Nagano.
December 2001 I performed “Start/End/Start” at Gallery TOKI ART Space in Tokyo.
May 2002 I exhibit “2002 Flag Art Festival” 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA/JAPAN in Korea.
Jun 2002 I performed “UNKNOWN” at Gallery Fukashi in Nagano.
July 2002 My Gallery “Gallery MON” Open.
August 2002 I performed “Buchon International Performance Art Festival” in Korea.
September 2002 I performed “Gimcheon International Art Festival” in Korea.
October 2002 I produced “Public Art Project No,2” at Art Village Park in Nagano.
December 2002 I performed at “Performance Art “ live in Gallery Kingyo (Tokyo).
April 2003 Sharjah International Biennial 6 in U.A.E
August 2003 I performed at GALAPAGOS ART SPACE in NY.
May 2004 I Exhibition at GALAPAGOS ART SPACE in NY.
September 2004 I Exhibition at TRIBES Gallery in NY.


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